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The Holiday Web South Africa Web Site is comprised of various Web pages. The material on our web pages has been partially contributed by people other than HS Taljaard (hereafter referred to as our, us and we). Reservations for short term holiday accommodation are accepted by HS Taljaard of PO Box 1013, Strand, South Africa as agent for the Owner of the Property and to which bookings the following terms and conditions shall apply:

Owners - General Terms and Conditions

  1. We take reasonable care to transcribe your material into an online format. However, we reserve the right to edit or condense material in any way we see fit and you agree not to claim against us for any change we make. In consideration of the publication of material you supply to us you agree not to make any claim against us including anything caused by our negligence. We reserve the right to refuse any material based completely on our own discretion.
  2. In renting out your property you must rely entirely on our or your own enquiries and satisfy yourself as to the accuracy of the material or documentation sent to you by us or our site or appearing on our site, including your records and bookings.
  3. You agree not to claim against us for the failure of a booking, for whatever reason. You must ensure that the material uploaded to our site by you, us or someone on your behalf is the truth.
  4. Owners agree to also make no claim against us for:
    1. The conduct or behavior of renters.
    2. Anything from a failed booking.
    3. The state in which the property is left.
    4. Damage which may be done to the property or property of neighbours.
    5. Any data, items or records loss stored by us.
  5. By placing material on our sites owners give us a license to use that material, including altering it in any way, allowing us to use it as we see fit in any media anywhere in the world.
  6. In consideration for the publication of your material on our site, owners agree not to make any claim against us.
  7. Owners or their agents agree to provide material that is truthful about the property.
  8. Owners also declare that the property is quiet, clean and safe to use as an accommodation rental property.
  9. Owners must have appropriate insurance cover for their own losses and claims that might be made against you by renters, their guests and your neighbours.
  10. Where renters do not have exclusive use of the property or facilities this should be clearly explained.
  11. The owner is responsible for the cleaning and relevant cost thereof.

Privacy Policy

  1. We take care not to release confidential information to third parties.
  2. Nevertheless we take no responsibility whatsoever should there be any information leaks.
  3. Please inform us of any changes or misinterpretations on our websites.
  4. We do keep the rights to contact or communicate with anybody whose personal information becomes available on or through our websites.

Reliance and Waiver

  1. We take no responsibility and will not accept any claim due to dishonesty of owners, agents and renters or due to negligence from HS Taljaard or due to incorrect material on our websites or due to any loss of whatever nature.
  2. In using this website you agree not to have any claim against us.
  3. Renters: In accepting any accommodation offered, either via the website or otherwise, you declare that you have been introduced to the establishment, had a fair chance to make an informed decision, and will not have any claim against us when dissatisfied with booked accommodation.


  1. HS Taljaard does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the website information.
  2. HS Taljaard will not be held liable for any loss or cost incurred for any reason however incurred, including break down of appliances.


  1. Insurances as appropriate should be taken out by the renter to cover cancellation, illness, loss, damage, etc.

Website Availability and Uptime

  1. We do not have direct control over our Internet Service Provider and make no guarantees that access to our sites will be uninterrupted or secured.
  2. We will not be liable for any claims due to lack of service, downtime or any loss or damage from you relying on the material or access to our sites for whatever reason.

Conditions Applying To Everybody Using Our Sites and Services

  1. You agree not to use our sites for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by other applicable laws or regulations.
  2. Owners or legal representatives of properties allow us to promote and advertise their applicable establishments worldwide.
  3. You will not to do anything to damage or block our sites or prevent them from functioning.
  4. Owners or legal representatives of properties will not include false or misleading material on our sites or directly to us in words or writing, or material that might be false or misleading.
  5. You will not 'infect" or allow the infection of any of our sites with any form of virus, worm or tracker, neither will you allow links to any pornographic or defamatory material.
  6. You agree to indemnify us for any claim, direct or indirect, on a complete indemnity basis including our legal costs, whether contributed to by our own negligence or otherwise:
    1. Arising from any breach of copyright or intellectual property rights on material uploaded by you or someone on your behalf to our site.
    2. Deliberate misuse by you or someone on your behalf to our site.
    3. Use of listing on our site by you or someone on your behalf.
    4. Reckless indifference to damage of our site or reputation by you or someone on your behalf.
    5. The breach of any these terms by you or someone on your behalf.
  7. We reserve the right to edit or remove any material on our sites at any time at our absolute discretion.


  1. The links on our sites to other sites operated by other parties are not under our control.
  2. Following a link to other sites is done at your own risk.
  3. Any advertising appearing on those sites is not an endorsement by us.

Copyright Conditions

  1. We claim Copyright to the extent we are able to claim for all material on our sites.
  2. Other than using it for your own personal use, that material may not otherwise be used or copied without our prior written approval or the prior written approval of the person or corporation who owns it, a copy which approval you will provide to us if we request it.
  3. By placing material on our sites you give us a license to use that material, including altering it in any way, allowing us to use it as we see fit in any media anywhere in the world for the promotion of or information about our sites or business or software, and you will not make a claim against us for breach of copyright or intellectual property in that material.

Governing Laws

  1. The laws of the Republic of South Africa govern these terms and conditions.
  2. You as a renter, owner, manager, agent or legal representative, regardless of the situation of the property, or where you are located, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa.


  1. Material: means Text, graphics, photos, other media and or any information on our sites.
  2. Us, we, our: means HS Taljaard its members and employees.
  3. Truth: Means reliability, accuracy or completeness.
  4. Claim: means a demand for payment, or rectification, or publication whether by litigation or otherwise and includes the loss or damage claimed and legal costs incurred.
  5. Promise: means a guarantee, warranty or representation.
  6. Negligence: wherever used includes our negligence as well as the deliberate or negligent acts of others
  7. Sites: means all websites, Internet access portals, URL's capable of being accessed by a browser, including WAP and other formats operated and maintained by us.
  8. Renter: means person seeking to enquire about or stay at properties referred to in material on our sites.
  9. Owner: the person or company who represents themselves to us as the registered proprietors, agent, or administrator of the property.
  10. Stay: means the period of the rental of the property.

HS Taljaard reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions from time to time at our own discretion.

Terms & Conditions

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